The great, the good and the not so good – ratings combined


The greats

I’m not sure if you remember my first blog post but I can tell you that NOTHING has L'oreal nutri summerchanged regarding this L’Oréal product. I haven’t been wearing so much tan these days but just recently I applied this and the results were just so satisfying. If you still haven’t gone out to buy this product yet then either A) you are already super brown or B) you are being LAZY!! BUY THIS PRODUCT NOW. O.k. lecture over. Overall rating for this product – 9/10

O.k. so hands down the ultimate must have L’Oréal product is YSL’s Touche Éclat. You canIMG_1725 use this product on any part of your face – it’s gentle on your skin and honestly it just makes your face look good. If you don’t have this product in your make-up bag yet then either A) your face already looks super hot and you believe you don’t need it or B) you are being LAZY!! Go out, make the purchase, make yourself smile. Overall rating for this product – 9/10

Chroma Riche and Force Architecte are two of Kérastase’s products that I swear by. For IMG_1718IMG_1672one, they revived and rejuvenated my hair after my green episode as well as protects and nourishes my hair on a daily basis. These two hair products are more expensive but well worth the money. Overall rating for both products – 9/10

The Good

In previous posts I reviewed L’Oréal’s super liner perfect slim eyeliner and the infaillible, L'oreal eyelinersindefectible eye liner. Out of the two eye liners I recommended the infaillible, indefectible eye liner as I have been using it for much longer, it does not smudge and could also be used to create a smokey eye look. The super liner was super sleek and super dark for my liking and unfortunately smudged on the eye when not left to dry for long enough – which in  my opinions is too long. Overall rating for these products: Infaillible, indefectible 8/10 and Super liner perfect slim 6/10.

The not so good

There were two products from L’Oréal’s product ranges that I quite simply disliked – IMG_1726Superstay colour lip gloss‘Volume Million Lashes’ mascara and ‘Super Stay Color’ lip gloss. Both products did not provide what they promised and were disappointing. I would not recommend these products to others as they did not work for me. Overall rating for ‘Volume Million Lashes’ 2/10 and Super Stay Color 1/10

A piece of random info

When I lived in Sweden I found the ultimate lip gloss from Maybelline (pic underneath). When I returned to Sweden over the Christmas I discovered that this product range has been discontinued andIMG_1696 well it broke my heart (not really but I was sad). Anyway, for those of you who fell in love with this product, fall right back out of it because this product no longer exists! If this product still existed then it would be in my ‘greats’ list and I would give it a rating of 10/10. One of my favourite L’Oréal products, such a shame they discontinued it.

Anyway, this post was just a quick recap on my chosen L’Oréal products so far. If you want to rate these products also, then leave your comment down below.

Au Revoir,



Masque Force Architecte and Chroma Riche – Alternating is key!


I had another post a little while back on Kérastase’s ‘Chroma Riche’ hair  masqueIMG_1718 but I felt that I neglected to mention my other trusted friend, also from Kérastase‘Masque Force Architecte’. Kérastase’s Chroma Riche is aimed to protect and nourish coloured hair but the Masque Force Architecte  is aimed to combat fly away hair by replenishing hair fibres so that it feels and looks healthier and bouncier.

Alternate, alternate, alternate!

In my case, I alternate between the two Kérastase hair products – the fushia pink chroma riche masque and the force architecte masque as I suffer with both hair conditions that both hair products solve – fine fly away and coloured hair. I find that when I stick to the same masque for a long period of time that my hair becomes lifeless and dull. I discovered over time that when I changed it up a bit and used the chroma riche one week and then the force architecte the next week that my hair was much more healthier. I mentioned in my IMG_1672other post on Chroma Riche that it solved my  green hair issue which it absolutely did. But as my hair is fine, thin and tends to get fly away from time to time, I found that overusing the same hair products was proving too much for my hair to handle. Now I don’t know the science behind this or the reasons why my hair reacts this way when I overuse these products but over time you discover what works best for you and for me – alternating is key!

I also mentioned in my past blog post that when applying a masque to your hair, it is always good to gently towel dry the hair before hand so that you can really massage the masque into your hair and that the masque itself is not just sitting on your hair rather than penetrating the hair follicles. I find this tip to be truly excellent for both hair products and would highly recommend you to do this.

So for those of you who have fine, coloured hair which is brittle and also has split ends then I would HIGHLY recommend alternating between these two Kérastase hair products. They are a little pricey as they are luxury products and a lot of research and development goes into making these products so really you are paying for the science behind it all – but if you can afford these hair products and want beautiful and truly healthy hair then Kérastase is the way to go.

If you have any tips that you would like to share on how to  maintain healthy hair then please share your thoughts.

Happy Hair People!

Au Revoir,


Volume Million Lashes’ Clumpy Mascara


This is another one of L’Oreal Paris’ products that I am not a huge fan of. As you can tell from the pic, this product is the ‘Volume Million Lashes’ mascara. For many years now I have been using Max Factor’s Masterpiece mascara and I have always been very satisfied with this mascara. For a change, I decided to try L’Oreal’s ‘Volume Million Lashes’ mascara as I heard great reports about it from friends and from other blogs.

I was using this mascara for well over a month and I never really bonded with it, if you know what I mean… Maybe it’s just me and my strange ways but I found the shape of the mascara itself to be big and bulky. My make-up bag is not huge by all means but when this bad boy gets into it, it bulks things right up! For me, I like my mascara to be sleek and slinky in design. Not to be big and bulky but that is just a personal preference.

Introducing the clump…

Now for the practicalities…this mascara may enhance your eyelashes and volumise your lashes but it gets clumpy! I HATE THIS! Actually, there is nothing worse when it comes to mascara. If you are looking for a real enhanced and intense look and achieve this by putting on a few layers of mascara, this may not be the mascara for you. Once you go past the first layer of application, the clumping begins. This mascara cannot handle layers. It rejects all layering on all levels and laughs in the face of layers! The ironic thing here is that this “new” and “improved” mascara from L’Oreal Paris specifies that it has an anti-clump wiper and brush – this is not the case. I mean, the name sounds good and all but it does not provide the goods.

Also, I don’t like the brush on this mascara – it’s big and bristly and does not allow for the mascara to get right onto the base of the lash. For me in general, the brush is too big and clumpy to apply as well as to hold in the hand.

And the rating says…

The point of buying mascara is to enhance the eyelashes whether it’s to increase the volume to the extreme or to simply give the lashes a bit of colour. It is most definitely not to make your lashes look clumpy and unattractive. Now I definitely gave this L’Oreal product a real try and I have to say, I really would not recommend it to others. I will most certainly be returning to Max Factor’s masterpiece mascara as the brush is thinner, less bulky, I can layer as much as I like and NO CLUMPS… A perfect mascara in my eyes. Volume Million Lashes is NOT perfect and I would rate it a 2/10.

Some of you may think I am being too harsh on my good old reliable pal L’Oreal but I did say from the beginning that my blog would be keeping it real.  I also said before that these opinions are my own opinions and that your opinions may be entirely different, which is all good of course 😉

Am I being too harsh here? Do you totally disagree with what I have just said? Would you recommend this L’Oreal mascara?

Let me know what you think.

Au Revoir,


YSL: Touche Éclat – Radiant Touch


This is one of L’oréal’s luxury product ranges that I can quite simply, not live without!! As you get that little bit older, you realise that what once were the tiny, fine wrinkles around your eyes have now become that little bit more obvious. I am 27 and to be fair to myself, I don’t have that many wrinkles. BUT wrinkles or no wrinkles, I use this product because it illuminates my cheekbones and gets rid of my early morning tired look, which is not a good look.

I use this product in many different ways:

  • To hide the bags under my eyes
  • As an eye shadow replacement
  • To hide blemishes

To hide the bags

One of the main uses for this product is to illuminate the upper cheekbone/eye area to make your skin look flawless and vibrant. You simply double click on the black end of the pen in order to push the concealer type liquid through the bristly nib area of the pen.  ThenIMG_1725 you brush the pen in gentle strokes across the bag area of your eyes. Once you have done this, use your fourth finger to blend the liquid into your skin. Don’t rub under your eyes too hard as this is a very sensitive area on your face. Also, rubbing the liquid too hard will essentially rub the liquid away as opposed to blending the liquid around the eye area.

I bring this product around with me everywhere I go because A) it fits neatly and inconspicuously into my bag and B) it’s one of those products that I use in the middle of the day when I am starting to feel and look tired. It really lifts my look for the day and almost rejuvenates my tired look in seconds!

Replaces my eye shadow

I also use this product in a way whereby I don’t have to use eye shadow. There are a few reasons why I use this product in this way:

  1. I am allergic to a LOT of eye shadows and tend to stay away from them
  2. I prefer the ‘less is more’ look and this product quite simply shades my eye lids so that they blend with my complexion and give me a very natural look
  3. I am usually rushing around in the morning trying desperately not to be late for college so I quickly put on my touche éclat and the job is done!

To hide blemishes

I usually have quite good skin, most days but for some other other days, I get red blemishes around my nose and also around the laughter lines of my mouth. When I am having one of my, what I consider ‘bad skin days’, I use my touche éclat to combat these red blemishes and hide my insecurities for one day. Touche éclat is just one of those multi-purpose products that you can use for any area on your face whenever you want. It not only does the job of hiding blemishes and highlighting your facial features but it also boosts your confidence because you know you are being protected when you wear this product.

The other great thing about this product is that, even when you have a full face of make-up on, you can still use the touche éclat on top of your make-up and it won’t look out of place or odd in any way. It blends into your make-up and you are in control of how much you want it to blend into your skin.

Touche éclat is one of L’oréal’s luxury products so it is priced a little higher than some of their other products on the market. You can buy this product in most high-end stores and also more than likely find it in the duty free area of airports. This product is priced at €25.00 or $40.00. It also comes in many different shades ranging from the lightest shade – 1. Luminous radiance (the shade that I use for my fair skin tone) to some of the darker shades at 7. Luminous Mocha. Also, there are usually promotional offers at airports’ duty free areas for YSL products such as this YSL ‘All for eyes’  gift set priced at €47.80 which in my opinion is a really great deal. 

I would rate this product a 9/10 as it is most definitely affordable. It lasts for approximately 2-3 months depending on your usage and it is easily accessible. If you don’t already have this L’oréal product then I would recommend you to go out and make that purchase, especially now that Christmas is around the corner – maybe it’s time to start dropping hints??

Au Revoir for now,

Michelle 🙂

Battle of the L’oréal eyeliners


L'oreal eyeliners

Today I am going to evaluate the two l’oréal eyeliners I have in my life. The top l’oréal eyeliner in the above image is called “Super Liner, Perfect Slim” and the bottom l’oréal eyeliner is called “Infaillible, Indefectible”. I really like both of these eyeliners for very different reasons. Lets look at the first eyeliner in more detail:

Super Liner, Perfect Slim 

This pen like eye liner has a slim felt tip which makes it so much easier when applying to your eyes. The felt tip enables you to define your eyes with far more precision compared to some other “stick” like liners. It also makes your eyes much more intense and piercing looking through the precision of the felt tip. I chose the ‘intense black’ shade in this liner as I wanted to use it for a “going out” look. I like to flick out the liner at the sides of my eyes and this liner allows me to do that perfectly! This liner also has a finger grip pad near the nib of the liner for more control when applying. This is perfect for me as sometimes when I am rushing to get ready for a night out my hands can get slippy and sweaty and the liner does not rest steadily in my hands. L’oréal super liner, perfect slim has solved this problem with the grip pad. However, I have found just one minor issue with this liner – it doesn’t dry quickly enough! Now this depends on how much of a rush you are in but on average, it should be drying between 20-30 seconds after application. This eyeliner takes around 1 minute to FULLY dry so just be careful of this when applying.

The longevity of this eyeliner is that it lasts perfectly throughout the night/day. I have worn it throughout the day as well just for testing it out purposes. With one swipe of this liner, the colour is jet jet black so there is no need for continuous re-applying as it is pretty much done once you make your first swipe. Also, this liner gives quite a glossy finish. However, this depends on just how dark and intense you want your eyes to look. For me, just one swipe is usually enough.

The price of this liner is pretty standard at €12.99 and I would highly recommend it for those who are looking for a particular look with their eyes.

Infaillible, Indefectible

(Just to say, on L’oréal’s website it spells this product as: “Infallable” but on the product itself it spells the product as: “Infaillible” – you can decide yourself if the product speaks for itself and really is infaillible).

This is my everyday eyeliner. It’s a retractable, waterproof eyeliner which lasts up to 16 hours. This eyeliner is a pencil eyeliner rather than the above liner which is a liquid eyeliner. It comes in many shades but I always buy the brown shade (300) as it suits better with my colouring: blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. Having said that, people with darker hair and eyes could absolutely wear this eyeliner and just double up on the layers if they wish to. What’s really great about this eyeliner is that it has a rubber buffer tip at the end of the pencil. I use this in two ways: to smudge the liner into my eyelid to give me a slight “everyday” smokey look and also if I want to shade in my eyebrows, I use the rubber buffer to smooth the liner evenly through my eyebrows. I don’t usually wear eye shadow on a daily basis so this smudged liner look gives the impression that I am wearing eye shadow. Also, it gives more of a simple, matted finish as opposed to a glossy finish. I like to wear my make up as natural as possible as I am the kinda girl that believes in the term “less is more”. However, if you are the girl who likes to put lots of emphasis into your eye style, then this pencil can also be used for that as well. It just depends on how you use it and what look you are going for. This eye pencil does not have the special grip attribute that the other l’oréal, “Super liner” boasts of but none the less, this eye liner does the job and does it well. The best thing about this retractable pencil is that you don’t have to sharpen it, you just simply twist and the pencil goes both up and down. Also, this eye liner is longer on the market compared to the other liner so it is less expensive. So for those of you on a tight budget, perhaps this pencil would be better suited.

You can use both eyeliners for day time and night time looks but for me personally, I use each eyeliner for a specific time of day and depending on the occasion. “Super liner” for night time as it gives more of a glossy finish and “infaillible, indefectible” for day time as it gives more of a matted finish. But that’s just me!

Either way, both liners are great and I would highly recommend both of them.

“Au revoir ladies” 🙂

Kérastase you saved my hair!


O.K. first of all I am really sorry for my late post – It has been a crazy, hectic week. 

So this week I want to review one of my favourite products from L’oreal’s professional brand range: Kérastase Bain Chroma Riche shampoo and conditioner. I have very fine, blonde hair which is long and takes literally 25 minutes to brush through when it’s wet so I was in desperate need of a good shampoo and conditioner. Not only that though…I lived in Sweden for one academic year 2010/2011 where I was using all kinds of hair products – none of L’oreal’s I have to admit. When I came back to Ireland, one of the first things I did was went to my local hairdressers to got my hair done. My hairdresser looked at my hair for the first time in a year and said:

“Michelle, your hair is green”

These are the exact words you do not want to hear coming from your hairdresser’s mouth. So as you can  imagine I was very upset about the whole thing. They cleansed my hair which is a nice way of saying, they stripped my hair and started my highlights from scratch. They also highly recommended that I try the Kéraste ‘Bain Chroma Riche’ shampoo which comes in a fuschia pink 250ml bottle and also the Chroma Riche masque treatment which comes in a 200ml tub. I now use these hair products every day and would never look back! I use the Chroma Riche masque as my every day conditioner as well as my hair treatment masque. I treat my hair once every two weeks and condition it once every two days. I don’t wash my hair every day as I like to let my hair’s natural oils flow. (ahh isn’t that nice to know…)

Tip for a proper hair washing

The best way to wash your hair is to shampoo it like you usually would: shower, warm water, lather, rinse. Think I got all the buzz words in there… Gently towel dry your hair whilst in the shower (or wherever it is you wash your hair) before putting in your conditioner or your masque and gently brush through your hair with a comb/soft brush/whatever brush you are happy using. If you are simply conditioning your hair, you can rinse it out pretty much straight after you have massaged the masque into your hair and brushed it through. If you are treating you hair, then the best thing to do is brush through your hair, tie it up in a clip and place either a towel or a bag over your hair for approx 10 minutes. DO NOT PUT THE BAG OVER YOUR ENTIRE HEAD!! I know you know this but with some people, you just never know… 😀

Take care of your hair

As the water in Ireland is quite hard, I have to take extra care of my hair. However, whether your water is hard or not, you should all be taking good care of your hair. I may not have a lot of money at the moment but the products I do invest in are for the hair and the skin. Most important! Kerastase hair products are most definitely more expensive than some other hair products on the market BUT you got to think of it as an investment for you future hair! Kerastase shampoo and conditioner solved my green hair issue and now I have lovely BLONDE hair again. I’m not saying that this hair product is solely for people with green hair, it’s actually specifically for “highlighted or very sensitised colour-treated hair” which is exactly what type of hair I had with a little hint of green. Well, not anymore thanks to my loyal and may I add lovely smelling Kerastase.

Look after your hair people! Why? Because you are worth it!! 😀 

Till next week,

Au Revoir!


Super Stay 24 Color – I don’t think so!!


For those L’oréal die hard fans out there – Look away now!

As you all know, I love L’oreal as a brand and the majority of L’oreal products. However I did say in the ‘About my blog’ section that I would be giving true and honest reflections on L’oreal products whether good or bad. Well here comes a bad one…

I am the type of girl that if my house was burning down and I had one thing to chose to take with me – I would grab the lip gloss.  Any of my friends out there reading this blog, will be nodding their heads frantically at this point. I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT MY LIP GLOSS!!

I have a whole range of lip glosses that I love and wear all the time but I decided to try a new lip gloss from L’oreal‘s Maybelline NY range called, as you might have guessed from the title: Super Stay 24 Color. I chose the “timeless brown” 730 shade as I could wear this shade during the day and I could also really give it a proper airing with my busy daily routine – especially now that I’m doing a Masters!!

If you were the type of person that didn’t speak, breath, laugh, eat food, drink liquids, lick your lips, yawn, smile, purse your lips or do any other mouth area activity for an entire day, then this lip product would be brilliant! But seeing as I am a human being with basic human needs, this product did not go down well with me at all as I tend to do ALL of the above on a regular basis. I am going to list out some of the problems I encountered with this product to make this an easy flowing read.

Problem No. 1

It specifies on the product itself some instructions on how to apply. The first thing you do is apply the colour itself and then let it dry. DRY being the operative word! I applied the colour stick to my lips which seemed to spread evenly across my lips. It dried within seconds and A) the colour was patchy on my lips so I had to keep pursing them and B) the colour dried so much on my lips that my lips started to look chapped or cracked with colour in between the lines on my lips. I know you might be thinking now, “well maybe your lips were just dry to begin with”. I can promise you they were not! But not to worry, step two of the product gives the lips a sort of gloss or wet look if you prefer. 

Problem No. 2

After applying the step two part or glossy part of the product, it didn’t feel so dry initially but then moments passed, lets say 1 minute, and my lips felt all matted and dry again. The step 2 of this product doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do – make them glossy or wet!

Problem No. 3

After spending a few hours doing what normal people do on regular days like eat, talk, drink, smile, yawn etc. I discovered that my 24 super stay color lip gloss had only lasted on my lips for approximately 2 hours tops!! So I reapplied thinking, I’ll give it another try and maybe talk a little less and cut out the smiling for a few hours. This didn’t work either.

Not really a problem No. 4

I paid €13.89 for this product which in my eyes is not such a bad price for this type of product… well that’s if it works. For those of you who want to try this product, give it a try and see what you think of it. You might actually really like the feeling of dry, cracked lips with a hint of colour – personally I think it’s not a good look but whatever you’re into…

Please Remember…

Now I have to highlight at this point….Over the last few days, I gave this product to my mother to try out and she absolutely LOVED it. So people please bear in mind, we all have different preferences and perceptions so my feelings and experiences may be completely different to yours. My reflections are based on an individual level which not everybody will agree with. However, I am more than happy to get your thoughts on this product and see what you guys thought of it, so please do comment 🙂

Thanks for tuning in.

Until next time,

P.s. L’oreal fans don’t hate me!!